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How long will it take?
This depends on the size of the area and amount of staining and dirt build up. But on average most paving areas take up to one day to clean.

What about re-sanding and stabilising?
This can only take place once the area is completely dry (including joints). It needs to be applied on a dry day with no rain imminent. Again this stage can take up to one day depending on the area size.

Why have the surface sealed?
Sealing will restore and enhance the original colour of the surface and it will also provide extra protection against the elements and give a longer lasting finish. Sealing subject to a site inspection.

How will your services prevent weed re-growth?
All paving areas will be sprayed with an appropriate weedkiller prior to cleaning. Also by applying a stabiliser or sealant to your paving this will help prevent any new weed growth. Also by regular sweeping with a stiff brush and rinsing your paving with a hose, this can help prevent any weeds growing on top of your paving which is sometimes caused by pollen settling on top of your paving. We cannot guarantee no new weeds will appear, as regular maintenance is required to help prevent this.

Do you need a supply to my electricity or outside tap?
Our jet wash machines are petrol-based so no electricity is required.  Use of your outside water tap would be needed.

Can you remove all stains?
We can remove mould, mildew, algae, some types of Lichen, some paints, mortar and sometimes even oil stains.  In the event that the stain cannot be removed we can replace and sometimes turn the block over and use the clean underside. Also we can supply the same block but please be aware this block will be different in colour as it is not weathered.

Will I have to stay off the surface after cleaning?
We recommend that you do not park a vehicle on the paving area until after the area has been re-sanded because otherwise this could cause movement in the paving. You can walk on the area though. If you decide to have a stabiliser or sealant applied, it will be necessary to allow the area to dry before parking your vehicle on it. Normal required time for vehicles not to be driven/parked on area is 24 hours.

Why should I have my paving restored?
The outside of your home is very important to the value of your house. So if you are planning on selling your property a clean and fresh looking driveway or patio is a good selling point.  If you are not moving, making your home look good makes you happy and enjoy during the summer months.

Will there be any disruption?
We will keep any disruption to an absolute minimum as and where possible. The site will be left clean and tidy after each procedure and we will take into account any personal needs our individual customers may have.

Are you insured?
Newdrives Restoration Services are covered by public liability insurance which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Simply Business - Public Liability Insurance

Simply Business - Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability : £2,000,000

View our policy details

Do you require a deposit?
We will not ask for any monies upfront. Once the work has been completed and you are satisfied we will send you an invoice and ask for payment on receipt of this invoice.

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