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Block paving restore

The Procedure we follow for Block Paving Restoration

  1. Deep clean the paving using a rotary jet wash machine
  2. Apply weedkiller/algae/fungus treatment
  3. Repair any damaged blocks or dipped areas
  4. Re-sand the paving joints using a kiln dried sand to help prevent movement in the blocks
  5. Application of a suitable sealant/stabiliser – This is optional

Tarmac cleaning

The Procedure we follow for Macadam Restoration

  1. Deep clean the area using a rotary jet wash machine
  2. Repair any areas of macadam
  3. Apply weedkiller/algae/fungus treatment
  4. Application of a PICSCOAT to help make your driveway/path look as good as new – This is optional

repair driveways

Repairs to Block Paving

  1. Lift the affected block paving, cleaning the blocks and laying to one side ready for re-use
  2. Fill in sunken areas with MOT Type 1/Sharp sand and compact the area using a compaction plate. This will help prevent the problem arising again.
  3. Ensure the area is screeded completely flat, free from any dips and hollows
  4. Re-lay the original block paving
  5. Re-sand the joints using a kiln dried sand.
  6. Compact the area using a compaction plate

Keybond - Keybond is a water based liquid which stabilises the joint filling sand, which is used with concrete block paving. This solution will help prevent the erosion of the sand and prevent the ingress of water.

PICSEAL - This block paving sealer has been developed to combat the constant problems of staining, weed growth and help enhance the colour to your paving. It can be used on new or mature paving and the transformation is a quick and straight forward procedure. PICSEAL reacts with the natural pigments in the blocks, providing a sealed and easy to maintain finish, as well as hardening the top layer of the jointing sand.

Resiblock Trade - This product is a all purpose sealant suitable for both concrete and clay blocks, flat paving and most types of natural stone. It stabilises the joint filling sand and prevents the ingress of water. One coat matt and two coats soft sheen which is guaranteed for two years.

PICSCOAT - This has been especially designed for use on macadam surfaces and achieves superb results everytime. It is available in two colours, black and red. PICSCOAT will make your macadam look as good as new by restoring its original colour. It can help protect your macadam from stains penetrating the surface and helps inhibits weed/algae growth and surface cracking.

Hedgehog Gutterguard - Blocked guttering can be a constant problem for homeowners, especially during the winter months. Gutterguard can help prevent these problems i.e blocked pipes which leads to gutters overflowing. This product fits around corners to most types of gutter, it is virtually indestructible, maintenance free and can help stop birds and rodents entering the loft space. The gutteguard can also be used on Aco raindrains on driveways.

After every job, Newdrives Restoration Services will ensure that all areas are clean and tidy.  We will wash your windows if necessary to remove any splashes of water from the cleaning procedure and we will remove all spoils from site and cart to local amenities.

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